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“I joined Wyo Hoofbeats, EAL because I love horses and being around horses is one of the best things you can be doing. I appreciate the kind way they treat their horses. A few of the things I love about Wyo Hoofbeats, EAL is how patient they are, how understanding they are and how unique their program is. I have learned patience, that in my opinion is one of the most valuable lessons ever. I have a lot of fun and highly recommend them.”  Kassi - Age 11

“I knew after my daughter’s first class with Jody, Heather and the horses that she was going to want to go again.  While she loves horses, at first, she was unsure of herself around them.  Each class she attends I see her confidence grow.  I can see the serenity and pure joy that interacting with the horses brings her.” Kylie 

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